Saturday, October 29, 2005

20 interesting things about

Beak Knits tagged me for this meme. Since I haven't done the 100 things about me, this will give you a little idea.

  1. I have two young boys...15 months apart...this is the reason I knit so much. It keeps me sane.
  2. I firmly believe that pregnancy eats away part of your memory...this could be a scientific fact, I don't know.
  3. My parents had 10 children, I am number 7.
  4. We were very fortunate to have a summer home while growing up. From 3:30 p.m. on the last day of school to Labour Day, we would stay there...and of course work a summer job.
  5. How do you get 10 children summer jobs, open an Ice Cream store for them to work in. I believe that is when I started struggling with my weight.
  6. My first job in the Ice Cream store was scrubbing every black and white tile with an SOS pad every morning. I earned 2 dollars for this. Eventually I learned that no one would notice if I only did the white tiles.
  7. In the fall my husband and I will be married for 8 years.
  8. He is Italian. I am not. This makes things challenging at times.
  9. I love doing laundry. The crisp whites are my favourite. Borax people, add the borax!
  10. I especially love folding laundry. My OCD really comes into play here. It must be done a certain way...I am the only one my house that folds the laundry.
  11. I find ironing just as satisfying.
  12. I live for "good things".
  13. My instrument of choice as a child was the piano. I studied up to grade eight Royal Conservatory...and eventually taught lessons.
  14. My husband bought me a piano for Christmas 3 1/2 years ago. I found out I was pregnant that Christmas and due to nausea and exhaustion, I hardly touched the piano. I don't think I could actually play anything anymore...refer to #2. My new years resolution will be to start playing again.
  15. I love to cook.
  16. I worked in retail management for 10 years and Christmas was not my favourite time of year. I now love the holiday.
  17. I was never a collector...last year one of my sisters and I went went bidding crazy on ebay for these and another sister forced me to start collecting these. I love them!
  18. I received many awards in highschool including a perfect attendance in grade 10. That's right, every single day.
  19. I graduated and went on to university to study visual arts and art history. Figuring I would go no where with a degree in visual arts, I dropped out after my second year and started working in a home decor store.
  20. Now, I am a stay at home mother...and knitter extraordinaire.

If you haven't done this meme...consider yourself tagged!


Anonymous said...

First, start playing that piano! It will come back so quickly. You really need to do it.

I'm on my way to purchase a nutcracker for my mom for Christmas. She collects them (along with about a billion other things, it's an illness) and there is one around here somewhere that is painted as a Boston Red Sox player-she is a huge fan.

Which village did you start? I am working on the North Pole village and have several pieces. I have added a few pieces from other collections when they mean something to us (like the Harley-Davidson pieces, for example). I got hooked on that one when my mom got me the Northwind Knitters one year for Christmas. She cannot stand it if you aren't collecting something. Did I mention illness?

I won't even get started on the laundry thing. I love my Borax! :)

Unknown said...


I have a good friend that calls pregnant women "placenta heads". I thought this was really cruel until I was pregnant myself.

My Italian and I are approaching 10 years this summer...happy almost anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you did this meme! It's fun to learn more about you.