Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stitch Doctor wanted.

So I gave into temptation. I kept looking at that beautiful scarf grumperina is sporting from her SYNO pal. You know that the debbie bliss baby cashmerino in my stash was just calling out to me...

I just couldn't help myself. Actually, this will be one item for SCP#2. It is kind of a strange colour blue. I also have a mauve colour...but I think I will make one for myself out of that!
Here is the problem. This is a recurring problem with my stitches that are pulled over...and I think it is a common ailment of other knitters. That "stretched out stitch", I just can't stand it.

I had little red arrows drawn to show you...but for some reason they are no longer here. But you see it don't you...the bottom left side of the leaf?

Am I the only one? How do I fix this? Is it because I am an "english style thrower"? What is the cure? Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

I opened your entry and thought, "OMG, is that my scarf? I thought I was opening Carolyn's blog, not Polly's." Hehe... Do you have color #340605? If so, we're twins! I'm not sure which stitches you're referring to... to me, your scarf is looking great so far!

goodkarma said...

All I know is that DB Baby Cashmerino is a fabulous yarn to work with and to wear; your gift recipient will love you for this scarf. :)

Laura said...

I know what you mean about the "stretched stitch" problem. I get it on ribs and cables sometimes. I'm an English thrower too (and I am totally okay with that -- LOL!). I am not sure how to fix it -- pull next st quite tight? But if Kathy says it looks good to her, that's high praise indeed. I say, don't worry! Also, blocking might help, right?

Anonymous said...

I was planning on doing the exact same thing and copying Grumerina with that scarf and that yarn, only in a different color.

YES, oh how I have the exact same problem. I know exactly what you are saying and I totally see it on the photo. I don't know what to do about it. Nona told me that if you slip the stitch purlwise rather than knitwise, it helps, and I found that it did, but it still is unsightly. I find the SSK is just as ugly, as is the K2tbl. So frustrating.

Anonymous said...

hey little sister
She will call you soon don't worry just keep knitting.
I'll get me people to contact her people again.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the stitches you are talking about. It looks great to me!

Tracy Batchelder said...

After staring at the photo and searching for the stretched stitch, I no longer consider myself a perfectionist because I can't see anything wrong. I think you should just look at the pattern as a whole. It's beautiful!