Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cast on 375 sts....beware inevitable ranting to follow...

Ok, this is some kind of joke. I know the knitting gods have been fooling with some of you...but me...what did I ever do? I know the 375 cast on existed for this pattern...I kind of stayed away from it for a while. So, balls wound, I started to cast on.

1,2,3,4,5,...,25,..."stop hitting him"...35...40...100..."don't throw that you are marking the floor"...150..."please get a kleenex, that is just gross"...200...225...250..."what number am I on"...2 something..."don't talk to me know, please"...300 or so...350ish...I better count. *approximately 2 hours elapse* (please note, that it did not really take 2 hours to cast on...the little inbetween battles took up all the time!)

Ok got it 375 sts.

Row one of this divided/2 sided chart...."crappy needles"..."I hate the join on these"...almost there....mark center st..."No you cannot have chips it's 4:30 p.m."...What? Why do I have 6 sts left...I am suppose to have 4.
I am not casting on again...where is the mistake. Oh I see the first 10 sts. Figures.
*start unknitting first row*
*Knit row again and purl second row*
Ok row 3....knit chart...hate these needles...I must get addis...what...what did I do...
**insert explicit here** any will do...
*rip apart...with force so that the yarn is unusable...then throw knitting in the corner*

I LOVE TO KNIT...really I do...

I really wanted the addi naturas, but my LYS doesn't carry I went with regular addis...nothing beats a turbo! I love the join on these. I have never come across a needle with the same smooth join, really.

Attempt#2 at the scarf went a little smoother. There were screw ups and there were cover ups...there was no turning back.

Ok, I've been fudging around the stitches that I thought I kept making mistakes on...or there MUST be an error in the pattern that all of you who have knit the scarf have never seen....
No, no my friends, I have made a mistake. Don't even has been a horrible knitting day. I will conquer this scarf...I WILL!

I will only knit this project when the children are asleep...charts and children don't mix.
I will not be casting on the 375 sts again today.

THANK YOU everyone for all of your wonderful comments about Orangina! I look forward to seeing the other orangina's in the making...


shizzknits said...


Like I said, the 300+ cast on kept scaring me...and it looks like it was with good reason! LOL

Yes, charts and kiddos don't mix. I always do my charted stuff after kiddos are in bed. The mindless stockinette works wonderfully for the day.

Good luck with Ene's Scarf, I LOVE the color (can I say it again?)

Anonymous said...

Oh Carolyn. What can I say?

Well, there's one thing to say - when knitting big items of that type, blankets or shawls, I strongly prefer to work them on a diagonal. A pattern worked on a diagonal will will me over any time.

However, Ene's Scarf is gorgeous and is worth the trouble. You will certainly get it, you have the skills. Just another try :).

mathomhouse said...

Oh, this even makes MY brain hurt, and I've already knitted one of these. But -- courage! before long, it'll be a breeze. (And I'll second and third the comments about the color -- lovely!)

LisaB said...

Don't give up, you will be so happy with the finished project.

I put stitch markers every 50 stitches during my cast on. Helped so much. And it definately helps to be in a quiet place while knitting this one. It is easy to forget your YOs and such. Once you get into the main pattern, you will start to see a recurring pattern and it will be easier to remember what sequence you are doing across the row.

You will conquer

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel for you! I had to cast on 304 stitches for the afghan I haven't touched in months. It was a nightmare. And I don't even have any children to interrupt me! Good luck! This is going to be such a beautiful scarf!

Tara said...

oh my gosh, i can't even imagine what a nightmare that must've been! i have no doubt that you'll prevail though. :)