Friday, May 20, 2005

Flying Crap

Here is my baby blanket progress...flanked by my lovely potted flowers I worked on yesterday.

I know the picture is crap...I am working on it. I am also working on my ugly sock...its coming along nicely...I seemed to have managed to match the pattern up perfectly! I worked on ugly sock until poop fell from the sky onto my knitting arm...thank god that bird didn't poop on the ugly sock! What would I have done?! That ended ugly sock knitting for the day.
Let today be remember as the first "poop on" of the season...this happens to me frequently.

1 comment:

LisaB said...

I love your potted flowers! And from what I can see, the blanket is nice too!

Lol about the birdy poop. Aside from the poop potentially ruining the sock, wouldn't it have made it uglier?! :)