Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you everyone for your encouragement to finish and for your compliments on "Lucky". Let's just say I really enjoyed knitting her, but I'm glad she's done!

To all you serious bloggers...I need help. I love all of your thumbnail photos that you can click on of your finished projects. How do I get me some of those? (Please make it easy, I am not the best at HTML)

So what do you do after "Lucky"?
Well, I've been working on "Hazel" from Jaegar JB34 for my MIL. I must get it done this week because we are going there next weekend.
Image hosted by

I've been working with the knit picks cotton. I love it...LOVE IT! Did I say it was soft? I decided to make "Soleil" with the orchid colour. I have relaxed in the tension because it just flys off the I am trying to knit tighter. Did I mention that this yarn is machine washable?!
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It was interesting for the lace pattern on the bottom...but now its all about st st. So I am glad I have some cabling on my other project. I may start some socks this weeked...loving grumperina's pretty comfty sock!


Tara said...

First of all, your Lucky turned out fabulous! It looks so cute on you - don't be afraid to show off! :) I'm glad to hear the positive review of the Knit Picks cotton too....may have to get me some. As far as the pics, you just need to make them a smaller size and then copy the HTML onto your sidebar. If you want more specifics, drop me an email!

Anonymous said...

Eres fabulosa