Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That single ball of yarn.

Five months...to the day! Hello!

ok, so, I've decided to try and clean up the little stash I have. I bought it for a reason...so why not knit with it?! Crazy concept.

I've had this single ball of Rowan's cashsoft 4ply in a beautiful grey sitting all lonely-like in the drawer.
What to do with it?
I've had an obsession with infinity scarves lately...but one ball is hardly enough.
Obviously in order for me to use up this single ball of yarn, I need another. I know, crazy but true. So off to the yarn store I went and oddly enough they had another ball, same colour and dyelot. BINGO. A grey loop it is...literally.

boys knitting 021

The lace pattern looked very simple and would be a great mindless knit. No thinking...easy to multitask, knitting and watching Roman, no problem. Well, the lace was written out wrong. Unlike the other knitters on Ravelry who were knitting this, I had to fix it. So simple, the designer didn't write in her plain knit rounds. So I was off again, knitting away. The yarn is beautiful and as soft as you would expect...perfect. I finished it up in a few days and blocked it.

boys knitting 023

Now the problem. It rolls. No, IT ROLLS!!

boys knitting 022

The garter stitch edge was not enought to stabalize it...oh does it roll...like the dead sea scroll. Crap. I don't mind a little rolling, the movement is part of it. But now the simple pattern is lost. (it's not too bad in this photo, but after wearing it for a while, it is REALLY bad.)

boys knitting 025

Again, in this photo it is fine, but that is me trying to pull it out for the picture.

Out comes the crochet hook. I figure, like I almost know what I am doing, I would crochet a single crochet line across the wrong side, near the edge.
This does eliminate some of the rolling. It's not so severe.

The next problem...I only had enough yarn to do the one edge.

Yeah, so off to the yarn store today to get another ball...hopefully. I might as well pick up a couple and make a matching hat, no?

Three more balls of yarn in order to eliminate this single ball from my stash...not bad!?

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