Monday, September 13, 2010

Get excited...I have knitting content!

Ok, I didn't do my hair...but I showered, so I figure that was good enough for knitting pictures!
I finished something! The Aeolian shawl.

Aoelian shawl

Started: June 16, 2010
Finished: August 18, 2010
Pattern: Aeolian Shawl on I made the middle size, the purple shoulderette.
Yarn: One skein of Tannis' Mulberry silk. A gorgeous yarn!
Adjustments: Ok, I was pregnant while knitting this, so be patient...I'll try to remember. I did read on Tannis' blog how she had to do the alternate edging for the shawl in order to get away with one skein...but of course I was just knitting away on it and forgot all about that...I knew I would run out of yarn so I cast off a row early. That didn't work I had about 20 sts left to cast off (not the written cast off but just a regular cast off with a larger needle) with not a bit of yarn left. So I decided to rip back 8 rows and not make the nubbs in this section. I was making the 7 st nubbs beads. I still had to cast off a row early. So I am missing that final st st row. I cast off on the wrong side purling, with a larger sized needle.

Aoelian closeup

Although I would really have liked the nubbs in the finally rows, I was not willing to rip back the last chart...I am satisfied with what I did.

The pattern is really well written and I love the size of the finished shawl. I love to wear them just wrapped around...

Aoelian as scarf

or as a scarf...

Aoelian as scarf II

I have always spoke highly of Tannis' yarn. This new mulberry silk is really beautiful. I had a few problems winding it because it is so slippery. I ended up hand winding an outer pull ball, which was perfect. There was a little colour loss when I wet block it...but not a lot. Her colours are so vibrant and this plum is just gorgeous. I would highly recommend this yarn.

In other news...we celebrated Lucca's 8th birthday...a little lazertag and a starwars cake!

lucca's 8th bday

Roman loves parties!

Roman party hat

You know I had to get a baby picture in here somewhere;)


ACraftyKnitter said...

What a beautiful shawl- I've been eying it, but it looks kind of intimidating to knit!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous shawl! Kudos on a job well done.

Love the bday party. What a fun stage in life when a birthday party is the BEST thing ever.

Give the baby a hug from me. Such a cutie.

Rasa said...

Gorgeous shawl! You look fabulous!!! Lucca is a lucky young man - what a fun party! And of course, Roman looks at peace;)

Sweetaimee81 said...

knitting looks great and you look wonderful too good to know things are going well

Maryse said...

This shawl is so beautiful! It seems to be made for you! Great mods! Who would've known if you did not tell us ;-)

Unknown said...

Both "projects" are awesome! But I love the sleeping project the best. Need to get around to making that shawl myself. It's in the queue, just don't ask how long the line is.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shawl and beautiful children!

~Jody said...

I can't believe you just had a baby. You look fantastic! Oh & the shawl is pretty stellar too!

Melanie said...

It's came out great!! I wouldn't even know it was 'missing' nupps if you hadn't of said anything. The color is just awesome too.

margene said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! Love the color and drape of the fabric. The yarn was the perfect choice.
Your babe is just darling!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Gorgeous shawl!

hollypots said...

Absolutely stunning!

Johanne said...

The shawl is beautiful!! With 4 months to go and feeling like a teletubby already, my eyes are boggling at how fantastic you look - pleae tell me the secret!!