Friday, July 23, 2010

A baby gift!

Being a mother of boys, I have really noticed the lack of cute clothing as compaired to what you can get for girls. Yes, if you go to the high-end-boutique-like-kids-clothing-stores you could probably score a dapper outfit for your little men...but the average kids clothing store makes t-shirts and cargos for boys to wear. Mind you, they get to a certain age and that is pretty much all they are willing to wear...I've given up on the white shirts already. Every now and then I will try getting them into what I consider a cool looking shirt...but if it has a collar forget it. So I look forward to "dressing up" this new baby...he won't be able to voice a complaint for a while:)

Vests are the perfect little layering piece for boys. Wouldn't you know that I recieved one in the mail for the new baby! The most thoughtful, and extremely talented, Grumperina sent us the most adorable vest.

grumperinas gift II

I love the colours and especially love the yarn! It is absolutely perfect. Notice the buttons...very smart. This helps get it over the baby's head. I think that her thoughts on sizing are correct...most likely he'll be sporting this around a year old. You can read all about the vest in her post here.

grumperinas gift

I will definitely be showing you a photo of him wearing it. It's difficult to truely appreciate the knit unless it is being modeled!
Thank you so much Kathy!

FYI I must confess, in true knitterly fashion, I immediately turned it inside out to check out the finishing. It's absolutely what you would expect from Kathy...perfection;)

Now, there are a couple more handknit/spun presents for the new baby from another very talented knitter. I've also been doing a little knitting myself! More to come soon.


grumperina said...

You are very welcome! I hope the little guy wears it in good health :). Can't wait for him to get here!

Sue said...

The vest is fantastic. I have to agree that when I had my son 16 years ago there wasnt so many smart clothes for him to wear either. Now he just lives in tshirts and shorts, even in wintertime!

Maryse said...

Such a small world! I did read Grumperina's post a little while back and now I read that it's for your baby! This is awesome! This is such a cute vest! I love it!

Maya said...

the vest is so sweet!