Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pod of Cetaceans Cardigan

Thank you all so much for the congratulatory comments...I needed a little of that. Glad to see I am not the only one who has such a spread between children...or am doing this at a "later" age in life:)

Let the parade of baby knits begin!

First up is the Pod of Cetaceans Cardigan

I wanted to be sure to stick with neutral sex colours. I know, it's blue, but many girls look lovely in blue...I consider blue and green neutral colours. If the baby is a girl, I'll adorn this little cardigan with the some little flower buttons.

pod cardigan hanging

Started: Feb. 21, 2010
Finished: Feb. 27, 2010
Yarn: Cascade 220 2x2404 (blue), 1x9430(green) and 1x8010 (cream). I have plenty left over for a matching hat!
Pattern: Pod of Cetaceans cardigan by Elinor Brown. I knit the 12-18 months.
Adjustments: None. I knit it as written. Steeking and all!

I was originally going to knit a 6 months size, but couldn't get past the worsted weight yarn for such a small garment. Also the steeking hems would be pretty thick on the little cardigan, so I decided to go with a size for the next fall/winter, 12-18 months.
Cascade worked out nicely. It is not the "hairiest" of yarns for steeking, but it did the job.

I used some 4 ply in the stash for reinforcing the steek area. I am not the best at crochet. I wish it was more even looking...but it does the trick just fine.

pod ready to cut

Using a red to baste the steeking line was of great help when crocheting.

pod cut

Not so scary!

pod steek hem

I used an overcast stitch to tack back the steek hem. There wasn't a perfect colour in the stash, so I simply seperated the plys of the cascade main colour to sew it down.

pod cardigan close up

One thing that bothers me are my weaved in floats. With the cascade being so big in gauge you need to weave in every 3-4 sts. I might have left 5 here or there but that is quite a long float. With the whale's body length you need to weave in on the body...and I can see it puckering a bit. Not a big thing, but something to think about when using a worsted weight yarn for colourwork.

I love this little sweater! It now awaits the sex of the baby before I add buttons. No need to rush...still plenty of time to put them on.


Sue said...

I think it turned out very cute. I like blue on girls too as I used to dress my daughter in them and green with pink is cute too.

Kara said...

Love the cardi! I could see it perfectly on a little girl or little boy.

Rasa said...

Beautiful - love the colors! So glad to see you are back to knitting and looking forward to all your creations!

cath said...

Super cute!
I'm 38--expecting #2 in 2 weeks--my son is 6. We'll see how it goes--but we are excited!

Trisha said...

So adorable. Totally works for a boy or a girl. How fun to get to knit for your baby. Are you going to find out what you are having before delivery?

SIONA said...

¡que preciosidad!
un abrazo,

Stephanie said...

It's so cute.

Thea said...

Adorable -- am sooo afraid of the steek myself. You're a brave soul!

Maryse said...

It's so cute!!! Baby knits are so adorable. Everytime I see one, I would want to knit it! Steek? You're a courageous mom! ;-)

Cara said...

I think a rich blue is neutral, and I wear plenty of it myself. I would absolutely put my little girl (who is on the way!) in this sweater. I see mother of pearl buttons myself...

Sweetaimee81 said...

I am very excited for you and crossing my fingers that you get your girl. I hope you have a very easy (very full of knits) pregnancy.

Susie said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news! This sweater is just gorgeous. I explained to my husband what steeking was and he, a non knitter, even got a bit light headed. Great job!

RaNette said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog through a google search and saw a post from 2006 that I LOVE! It is the little dress with sheep across the bottom. Here's a shot in the dark --- is there any chance you would make another one and sell it to me? Your work is beautiful and I just had to ask. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your posts. Happy knitting, and have a wonderful day.

RaNette said...

Oh, contact information - You may need that. :) Please contact me at sweetfeetsock@gmail.com

gail said...

Sweet baby sweater. Don't worry about your age spread. WE have a 43 year old (his), a 33 year old (mine) and an 18 year old (ours)! I was 42 when the baby was born and now she is a freshman in college. Time flies!!

Unknown said...

Adorable! So cute!