Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ginormous Cabled Cowl

Ginormous...for sure.
So many things come to mind...eating ginormous amounts of food...feeling ginormous....the fact that I am in my yoga pants (not for yoga...but because I am sure that nothing else will fit!)
The ginormous amount of lego that has been built over the past week...well over 5000 pieces.
The ginormous amount of knitting and spinning that I have done in 2009 and plan to do in 2010.
How ginormously thankful I am for my knitting friends who have kept me company knitting, hooked me on spinning, employed me - giving me purpose again, and included me on their knitterly (and non-knitterly) outings.
You bunch of enablers;)

Incase you don't have anything ginormous in your is a pattern I've been meaning to post about!

Ginormous Cabled Cowl


You can seriously knit this in one night, and what a fantastic gift it makes.

GCC folded down

It uses big fat (ginormous) US#11/8mm needles and some ginormous yarn.
I knit the sample up using one ball (207 yrds/189.3m) of Lang Mille Colori Big, colour #5188.

GCC up

The colours are gorgeous and it knits up beautifully. It's even 50% acrylic - incase you gift it out to a non shouldn't felt on them.
If you are a beginner knitter, this is a great project to try your hand at cables and working in the round.

The pattern is $4.00 US and can be downloaded here on ravelry and if you are not a member you should be able to purchase here buy now
As always, contact me if you are having problems, I am here to help!

Happy Knitting...and Happy New Year!


Maryse said...

Happy New Year! The cabled cowl looks so cozy... I could use one over here at this time of the year ;-)

Lynette said...

thanks for sharing this pattern with us. happy new year to you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is ginormous! And very, very cozy looking.