Sunday, October 11, 2009


I think I have been avoiding posting because I have way to much to post about. I just have an overload of knit info and finished objects...and what appears to be no time to post about it.
So, I'm just diving right in.

I finally made my way with camera in hand to Shall We Knit to photograph the Solstice Wrap. I posted the finished knit pictures here...and left Karen to bravely felt and block it. She did a beautiful job, have a look...


The Alchemy Sanctuary, which is a silk wool blend, is the part that felted. These strips pulled in to slightly gather in the silk sections. The silk sections did not felt but blocked out so perfectly.

solstice felting

The lace edging sets it off beautifully. Great job Karen...for that price tag, I am glad you did the hard work:)

solstice lace

I better fit a new finished object in this post.
Dad's birthday socks, a few months late...but finished.

dad's socks

Started: July 31, 2009
finished: September 16, 2009
Yarn: 1 ball of Zitron Trekking XXL
Pattern: Madder Ribbed Sock by Nancy Bush in Knitting Vintage Socks.
Adjustments: Let's say I was inspired by the Madder Ribbed Pattern, it is not exact. I knit toe up and finished when I ran out of yarn. The toe and heel are Cat Bordhi style and the bind off is one of my new favourites....Jeny's suprisingly stretchy bind off. You must try this if you have not already!

More to come...lots...and a few an upcoming road trip with some knit friends to Rhinebeck!!!!


April Klich said...

Beautiful wrap, I love the neutral colors.

I think I might be the only person who hasn't found Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy bind off surprisingly stretchy. In the mean time, I'll stick with the sewn cast off.

Brenda said...

The shawl is stunningly gorgeous. Lucky you going to Rhinebeck