Sunday, January 25, 2009


I don't know why I am afraid of colour.
I like colour...well not bright crazy ones.
Muted tones, warm, natural colours.
I rarely paint a "colour" in my house. I use shades of beige, taupes, whites and green.
I like green.
I have a light green couch, green candle holders and vases, new candles that go from cream to green (if you haven't checked out Michaels craft store for christmas sales...go...the "christmas candles" are like$2...these are vanilla cedar), green with brown pillows, green plants...and now I have started another green afghan!


I know, I know...this room needs an accent colour.
I am thinking about an orange...a warm orange, not a bright one.

Oh, the scratchy yarn...I won't be knitting a sweater...probably not even an afghan. I am thinking about a bag...or a dozen of them!
I will be overdyeing it.

Guess what colour I bought.
Yup...moss green.

There is hope for my children. They were home sick a few days this week...during the yarn dyeing experience. So we picked up some natural coloured Patons Kroy sock yarn and they picked some colours out...

patons socks dyed

These are not my children!


Philosophical Karen said...
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Philosophical Karen said...

Of course they are your children! We wouldn't want our kids to be little clones of us, would we? What a boring world that would be! :0)

I like green, by the way. It goes well with purple -- but it looks better on walls than purple does.

Anonymous said...

I've always considered green a neutral colour. After all, it goes with every colour in nature. I don't wear green well, but I love using it in my house. I think kids look great in bright colors though. My daughter only likes traditional man colors on her boys, whereas I think they'll have years to wear grey and brown and navy - let them wear bright turquoise and purple now!

Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong with moss green. It is my favourite. Next to Olive Green, that is. And lime green. And neon green. See a pattern here?

KeanaLee said...

I'm the same way with color.....everything in my home is blah!

Stephanie said...

I think your house sounds classy and calming. I like the green - the darker version of the colors you already have will add a nice punch.

Lyz said...

Green is wonderful! Not a thing wrong with green!
Cascade 220 has a wonderful oragne that I have bought for accent colour in my 'ahem' green ( and lavender) living room.
YOUR kids are going to look great in their BRIGHT new socks that Mom knit for them :)

Unknown said...

Good for you for buying color. The green afghan is going to be so pretty.

trailmarky said...

Obcource great post and good topic again. im diffinitely your fan for now on!