Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frugal Knitting.

We have all felt the ripples of the eminent recession.
Knitting is not an inexpensive past time or hobby...well for me it is not. I knit fairly quickly and then it's on to the next project. I am somewhat of a yarn snob, but I have been known to knit with some "fair" quality yarn.

You may have noticed that there hasn't been too much enhancement to the stash.
There are a couple reasons for that. Money, the most obvious reason, and the idea of stash itself.
It is very hard to restrain oneself when you are in your LYS. Not a craft store, but a store filled with high quality fiber choices. How quickly we are enamoured with a simple touch...soft...squishy...luxurious...sometimes we can't even put it down. It goes into the stash to be knit someday.
No project in mind.
It stares at you, waiting to be knit...but that project never really comes along. Then you feel obligated to knit it up...sometimes not matching it up to the best project.

So, I am very careful now. If there is a project to knit, I buy the yarn for it.
(Now, that being said, please don't speak of my actions in New Hamburg the other day...I had projects in mind...and the 20%, 30%, 40% off...I must go back.) I was really good at Shall we Knit, surprisingly. We can always use sock yarn;)

Other than that occasional trip to the LYS, I have been frequently Michaels Craft Store.
Coupon in hand, I pick up a ball of patons classic, kroy sock or even Lion Brand thick and quick! It is difficult to just pick up the one item you have a 40% or 50% off coupon for...but I can do it.
So, on the needles is an afghan I am working on. Not only do I love green, as we have previously discussed, but I love leaf motifs.

green blob

The thick and quick is no joke. It knits up very quickly...and it thick and warm and squishy! Perfect for an afghan. With a coupon you can get it for $4 a ball...well, this colour (cilantro) is being cleared out...$4.99 a ball is the regular price...and I have had a couple 50% off coupons. It makes for a lot of trips...but for $2.50 come on!

Get your and item only!
You can do it too.


Jodi said...

I usually use that coupon for knitting needles and buttons! Very handy. I love how your afghan is knitting up. What's the pattern? Or did you design it?

Stephanie said...

I don't have craft stores here, but I do have a great LYS. I try really hard not to buy yarn except for specific projects, but depending on the month I have more or less success. I should try to me more frugal...

Anonymous said...

I love that color with the leaf motif.

Anonymous said...

There aren't many things I miss about city life, but Michaels and their coupons is certainly one.

Agnes said...

This is what I always do! :)

Philosophical Karen said...

I have always been a collector. If it wasn't yarn, it would be something else. Yarn is actually cheaper than my other collections.

My problem is I need to be more organized about getting rid of the stuff I will probably never use.

Anonymous said...

This is a really pretty afghan. I love the color. What is the pattern? I spent some time searching on ravelry and couldn't find anything like it.

thanks for sharing. I read your blog all the time but am much more of a lurker than anything.

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern! And the color. Now you've motivated me to knit an afghan in Thick and Quick. I hope I can find that color. Nice work!

Unknown said...

What a deal!!! I will repeat my mantra... No New Projects. No New Projects.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carolyn -
The afghan is just beautiful...such meticulous usual! Just a quick FYI -if you register with Michael's, AC Moore, and Jo-Ann's Fabrics online, they'll email you the coupons each week. Print as many as you like and go to different registers ... or take a trip out to your car and come back into the store again. It takes a little patience, but they always honor the multiple coupons.

Also, the stores will also honor each other's coupons...happy knitting and saving!

Lisa said...

I am right with you on frugality. I have so much yarn though, that I don't even need to buy more for quite a while.