Thursday, January 08, 2009

The afghan I never knew I would knit!

I must say that I am a ravelry junkie. I know it is sad. I used to be such a blogger junkie...then came ravelry and it just seems so easy and to the thinking involded. You also can go to different forums and join different groups of people with similar interest know how it works! That is where I found the cambridge knitters.

Since moving here I've been working on making our house a home and settling the kids in. Yes I have been knitting but I haven't really done anything for me. So I dragged myself out of the house one friday morning to meet with these knitters. I am so glad I did, I really look forward to meeting up with the knitters every Friday.

They had planned knitting the Great American Aran Afghan. It is made up of 20 squares designed by different knitters. After all the squares are complete, you seam them together and knit on a border.
Hmmmm. Squares sewn together. I wasn't sure about this adventure...not what I had in mind for an afghan. The more I looked at other knitters results on ravelry...the more it started to grow on me. Each square is so unique looking and knitting a 12x12 square would give you a sense of acomplishment after each one. I am in!
I headed out to Michaels craft store to pick up some yarn. I wasn't sure how much of a dollar investment I wanted to put into fabulous as it would be knit out of cashmerino aran...I just can't spend that kind of money. So I decided on Patons Classic Wool...warm and inexpensive. I chose a really nice olive colour. The only reservation I had was that it is not it probably won't be gifted out. I can wash it on the hand wash cycle in my front loader...but I have no idea how I will dry it. I will cross that bridge when I come to it! Lets get it knit first!
First up is Judy Sumner's square.

1st square

I wasn't sure about the spider, I am a bit of an arachnophobic.


Look at how cute it is? Who could be afraid of a little yarn spider?!
Check out the bug!

little bug

I love it!
This square is really unique looking. There are 4 different charts to my eyes were killing me. I was just so excited about this new project...I stayed up until midnight to finish it.
Yes, that's right. The square we are taking a month to work on...I knit in one day. I am taking the fun out of working together!
The next square I will knit slower...I promise ladies!


Trisha said...

I bought the book to knit this afghan and was really excited about it. Why haven't I started it? I can't seem to settle on the yarn. I want something that will wear well, be machine washable, be warm, and not be too expensive. Am I asking too much? haha

Yours is looking gorgeous and it is making me want to look into this again...

Anonymous said...

This is my first comment to you. I love all your projects and the speed you do them in is just incredible to me. I am working on the Great American Aran Afghan Pattern and it takes me a month to finish a block. Wow.

Brendaknits said...

How great to find a group of knitters in your new community. I've been told the Kitchener Waterloo knitting Guild is another wonderful group.

Philosophical Karen said...

Oh, the month is only for us slow knitters. It was always understood that some people would be done in a day. (Lynn is finished her square too.)

Lyz said...

Your square looks awesome. I won't knit a ghan I can't wash. Too much hastle. So I started with an acrylic from my stash. I went to All Strung Out in Guelph earlier this week and ordered Louet Gems ww superwash merino. After working up 1/2 the square I decided I want a wool ghan for me but that I can wash.Although I was trying to knit from my stash,the cost of the yarn I ordered won't be too bad. I plan to gift or donate the acrylic ghan when it's done so I guess I am making two of them now.

I agree the spider is soooo cute! My square is about 3/4 done now but I am working actively on a scarf and two pr. of socks and a sweater for my granddaughter all at the same time.

Agnes said...

I loved working on this project! I am knitting the Great American Afghan now, but honestly, the GAAA has been much much more fun for me. I do think drying the finished afghan would require some creative thinking ... it is quite a large blanket ... and heavy too. That was why I chose a much cheaper, but washable yarn.
I'm sure you are going to enjoy yours too ... good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have a big old (non superwash, I assume) Scottish wool blanket. I wash it with cold water on gentle, put it in the dryer on fluff, cool, whatever your dryer has. It's a teensy bit fulled, but I can live with it.

EWian said...

Lovely squarer, even if it had a spider on it.

I am giving you the "Lovely Blog Award" you can read more about it here in my blog:


TracyKM said...

That's a great square! You're brave, knitting an afghan in Classic Merino! Even on the gentle cycle of my top loader it felts, but other hand wash wools I can do in it. To dry---do you have a drying rack for the dryer? Spin out as much water as possible, then use the drying rack in the dryer on the lowest setting (or even no heat). Or, hang on the towel bar in your bathroom if it's over a vent. That's how I dry longies, LOL. Except I have to make sure to put the legs on the back side of the rod or else my husband thinks it's two matching towels...