Monday, November 10, 2008

Picot edge scarf.

Ok. It is time to blog. There are many finished objects to show stay tuned all week long!One of the many FO's....

picot edged pink scarf

The picot.
I know it may seem that I am picot edge crazy right now...but there is something about it that I love. Not only are the picots fabulous, but the simplicity of the garter stitch really suits this yarn. I needed something simple to knit. I had purchased two skeins of Beaverslide yarn...just to get my hands on some. I needed something simple and quick so that I could see how it knits up. I thought this would be perfect.

picot edge scarf on chair

Beaverslide yarn has...a shall we say...distinct scent. I actually had it in a bin under the bed for a while...not sure if I could knit with it. You see, I am not really an animal person. Don't get me wrong, I think they are cute...but the smell and the hair...well, it is not for me. (I know, I know...I don't smell all that great sometimes and lets not even talk about my hair and it's shedding...seriously).

I decided it was time to break out the yarn and knit something up. This yarn knits up beautifully...who cares if you smell like you are sitting in a barn!

The pattern is simple. I will write it up and post it on my ravelry pattern page.

Oh, the goes away after a good soak. The yarn softens ups wonderfully. I definitely will be using it again.


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Jennifer said...

I'm so excited to see your finished objects. This scarf is beautiful. I've never used Beaverslide either, but then again there a lot I've never used.

Beautiful scarf

Theresa said...

That's lovely - very delicate for a yarn I think of as rustic. But then, I've never had the chance to knit with it.

Anonymous said...

hey, I´m glad you`re "back" :-)

Unknown said...

Oh good! I'd hate for such a pretty yarn to smell like a barn permanently!