Monday, December 10, 2007

Warming hands.

It's not just about hats this christmas. I will be warming some hands as well.

My nephew put in a request for fingerless gloves. It seems he is up pretty late doing homework...when the heat in the house goes down. He puts on his moms fetchings I made for her last that he stays warm as he types.
I decided he needed a pair of Dashings!

I am using Patons classic merino - the yarn of the season for me! They are knitting up quite quickly. It really is an easy pattern, great for those learning to cable.

Next up are more hand warmers...a new adventure for me. I have unsucessfully attempted fingered gloves before...but I am giving it a go again.

So far so good (well, I haven't go to the fingers yet!) I am a little worried about having enough yarn (the pattern calls for 3 balls of DB Baby Cashmerino...and that is all I have). I am also a little worried about the christmas deadline...I have these to finish and 3 hats...and how many days? I better check if I have any sick days left at work;)

I am going to finish that some laundry...decorate the tree...get the kids off to school...and head to work...oh AND try to finish that hand chart inbetween all of that!


Anonymous said...

The Dashing mitts look great. Good luck with your remaining projects. You inspire! I have only a pair of socks and a hat to do.

Vicki said...

I sympathize. My husband wants fingerless mitts for Christmas and I was hoping I could get away with the nice sawed off mittens variety. Oh no, he needs a space for each finger.

Love the red with the patterning!

BeanMama said...

Those are gorgeous! I especially love the red gloves - are those the gauntlets from the current IK? BEAUTIFUL!