Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hats on parade!

I love the Koolhaas pattern. It is really pretty easy to knit...well, I could never remember if I was on the row that you change the beginning stitch...whatever..."just knit the pattern" I kept telling myself.

Here is the pink one...I am pretty sure it was cashsoft by rowan.

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This yarn was suppose to be an Odessa...but I could never find beads in the shade of pink to match. The Odessa was for Maia, a friends this Koolhaas has been sent to her. '

Next up is the Zara in purple Koolhaas.

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I actually just started knitting on needles I thought were appropriate. No swatching here. And for that reason, this is for my youngest niece G. She is the only one who it will fit! (well, except my little "David" model!)

Lastly in this here hat parade is another Zeebee.

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I knit it in black Jo sharp silk road tweed a few weeks ago but never got around to grafting it. (yes I know I promised a garter stitch grafting how to...but in black is near impossible to see...I will do that for you...soon)
I am pretty sure I can cross B.K. off the list for this one!

What's up next...mitts!


Amy said...

Such fun, all of them! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Such nice hats and colours. I'm sure they'll make great gifts:)

Anonymous said...

It is so so so nice to have you back!! Your hats are beautiful!!

Molly Swetnam-Burland said...


Agata said...

love your model! haha
really nice hats

Dove Knits said...

I like the Koolhaas, but the garteriness of Zeebee stole my heart.

Anonymous said...

Holy prolific knitting. Great hats!