Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wait till you see this picture...

So I have been working on a little lace knitting...check it out...

What do you think?!
Yeah, it isn't going so well.
Firstly I attempted the Scarf with fire cone lace border...the one with the "berries" on it from Victorian Lace Today.I do like the berries, but that is about all I like about it.
The construction is interesting...but there is something I can't put my finger on that I just don't love about it. So I frogged it.

Then on to the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. Yes, I have don't many a leaf after hours of knitting it...starring at it...knitting some more...starring...putting it down and just watching tv...I knew it wasn't the pattern for me.

So here I sit, all frogged out.
I am now leaning towards Miss Lambert's Shetland pattern for a shawl.
I know, maybe a little boring, but I can't handle any intense chart reading these days. This pattern would be easily memorizable (is that a word?) and the wrong side row is simple. I think I may give it a go...and maybe you'll get a photo this week!

Sundara, this yarn is burning a hole in my stash! I need to knit something with it!

Now, a couple readers knits that I need to share with you...sorry I have taken so long to brag about them!
Anne-Marie over at Chickswithsticks knit the R2D2 hat...I may have to start a readers knits link! Oh so exciting!
Gorgeous on that little guy!
Also, Jennifer the blogless in Kansas knit the pirate hat with some modifications for the recipients...again, gorgeous! It suits him!

Many readers are asking where I found the olive pattern...Laines Du Nord Simple Knits.


yuvee said...

Are the pictures actually there? I can't see them!!

Sheryl said...

The pirate hat with mods - too funny!

Anonymous said...

can a candle burn from both ends??????

DancesInGarden said...


But but but, I can't see the picture! Seeing as I have started and frogged a scarf three times (different patterns and yarn each time) I feel your pain. My husband thinks I have lost my mind.