Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Debbie Bliss Books

Ok, we covered the "yarn fiasco". Now, let's get to the new books and yarn.
I picked up Debbie's new book Out of Town (the link shows you the inner photos and click on information to see the other shot of the Circular Cardigan)

There are 12 designs in this book made of cashmerino aran, astrakhan and chunky. As well as Alpaca silk dk , aran and Soho.

I tried on many of the knits from this book and loved them. The Circular Cardigan is one of my favourites...the back is gorgeous. Unfortunately I am allergic to I must come up with a sub for it.
I have made mits, hats, scarves and baby garments out of cashmerino aran...but have never made a sweater. I tried on the Shaped Edge Sweater made of cashmerino aran and you can't even imagine how it feels. Everyone must have a sweater made of this yarn. SERIOUSLY this stuff feels divine next to the skin. I will make this sweater in the same teal colour...loved it. The classic cabled sweater is another design in this book that I love. They are all nice, but those are the three that will make my knit list.

The best part of Debbie's new books (I know she has done this in recent ones as well) SCHEMATICS!

Dongel Tweed is also one of the new books and yarns. Gorgeous knits in here as well. I love the simple designs to make the tweed. I should have got this book as will go on my christmas list for sure.

I am thinking of starting a Debbie Bliss KAL...any joiners?

My current project, the sheep dress is moving along well.
I ditched the top down sleeve.

It works out wonderfully but just doesn't suit this dress. I wasn't sure the actual length of the sleeve, where to start the decrease...and it looked a little big. Maybe the formula doesn't work the same for baby knits.
Anyway, it is a great technique, one I will use in the future on adult sized garments.

I finished one sleeve and am working on the other...there will be a finished sheep dress soon!


Stacey said...

DB has some wonderful, classicaly beautiful patterns. That is one of the big reasons I like her stuff! The cashmerino aran is sooo nice. I'd love to have a sweater from it!

Anonymous said...

I used the top down sleeve on my Claire Cardigan and love it! Definitely do it again on adult clothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to start a sweater from her Cotton Angora book, so I'd join a KAL if you did one :) Thanks for the details on the new books!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie Bliss with schematics! Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Gosh. That Circular Cardigan takes my breath away. It makes me break into a sweat. I am fantasizing about it..... How COULD you post such porn on your blog, my dear friend?!!!

Theresa said...

I'd join - I'm working on a Debbie Bliss sweater now. And I'm very excited to hear about the schematics. That was always a problem for me in her older books.

Cathi said...

Thanks for those links!

goodkarma said...

I wonder how the cashmerinos wear. Do they pill much after time/wash/wearing? They're so so so lovely to work with and to touch. I've only used them for small gifts for others, never for a sweater to wear all for myself.

Courtney said...

I love that blue turtleneck (the one that you tried on at the signing), it really suits my personal style and looks comfortable.
I'd love to join a KAL. :) After the Holidays, of course.

Sarah said...

While I adore using Debbie Bliss yarns for baby things, let me warn against using Cashmerino Aran for an adult sweater. I knit a Rogue out of it, which was completely and absolutely stunning...until I wore it. Once. And it completely pilled all the heck all over the place. I now have to routinely shave the sweater and it just looks like hell. Please, unless you get a fantastic deal on the yarn, save yourself the heartbreak!

Rebecca said...

I would love to join the KAL, but I think the family and friends are done with babies for a bit (after a summer of baby knitting) so unless I can talk my hubby into having one there is no point in starting any new baby knit projects. It'll be fun to watch, though.

emy said...

Honestly, the dress is so pretty that I would suggest a ribbed edging to just finish the armholes!

PS. I am sure you can tell by now that I am not a sleeves person :P

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is beautiful...

I have been wanting to do the sheep dress but am looking for a similar yarn to D.B ... Any ideas ??
What would you say the yarn is.. A DK or fingering??

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