Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Highland Schottish Kilt Hose...again.

I know I said that "I have nothing to knit"...well, that's not really true. I have lots to knit, just nothing I really wanted to start. Lest we forget the Christmas knitting list.

So, on to some socks. know who you are.
THEY ARE FOR CHRISTMAS....don't expect them before that!

I did attempt these before, but knowing I didn't have enough yardage, I abandoned the project.
These are a version of the highland schottish kilt hose...obviously with out the turn-down cuff and they won't be knee high...from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks.

I am using Devon from (yes, I already got some more!). I really like this yarn...look at the stitch definition...beautiful!

I keep doubting myself...I hope they will fit. After washing they will grow a bit...but we may need a prechristmas try on.


Emma said...

Ooh, those are so pretty!

Laura said...

those are gorgeous. i have ordered a bunch of devon in cocoa (the same color as your socks?) and also the dark plum on your enthusiastic recommendations of it. i plan to make intolerable cruelty from the new knitty out of one color ... i think the gauge is the same as that called for in the pattern. i am really looking forward to seeing this yarn in person!

Anonymous said...

lots of love

soapy said...

very nice! reminds me of chocolate.. Nice color!

AuntieAnn said...

I want to make a pair of those, also not knee-high, but I'm a little stymied by not being able to figure out where in the pattern to start, due to the calf shaping. If you could give me any hints I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks --