Friday, July 14, 2006

How long has it been?

I'm back! I survived camping for a week!
You want to see what a took the entire week...

Is that not the saddest thing ever...I didn't even finish Bea's cuffs! I did get to complete the other front during the 7 hour drive from my sisters house to Tall Pines.

I am just touching base...I will be back tomorrow for some real updates...and hopefully I will finish the cuffs!


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Camping - it may be fun with small children, but I was never able to find the fun! I like camping at a cottage with a shower and dishwasher and lots of good books and knitting projects! I did the entire tent thing with the Coleman stove, etc. - been there and done that and don't want any t-shirt!

LisaB said...

Sometimes camping isn't conducive to knitting! I tried once and it was too dirty around!

Can't wait for the more detailed update!

Do you have pics from camping?

Dorothy said...

Camping always sounds more relaxing than it actually is.
Glad you survived.