Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The huge striped socks.

Here they are dad...all done, finally.

As you can see, they don't even come close to fitting me...but they surely will fit dad's size 14...or 15, depending on the foot!

Started: WELL, I attempted that grey one, then ripped and started this pair on June 8, 2006.
Finished: June 20, 2006
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential sock yarn. 2 balls blue and 1 grey. (Hey, have you seen the needles they are selling? I really didn't have time to examine them, but check out those tips!)
Pattern: It is a basic toe up pattern, based on Wendy's but using a figure 8 c/o (the toe is much nicer than the short row, if you ask me). The stripes are taken from the Hiiumaa Mate #1 pattern in Knitting on the Road.

I added calf increases to accommodate dad's large calf (I see I am not the only one doing that for their dad!)

Dad hates when he is strangled by socks with elastic at the I also cast off with a much larger needle. (I used #1 for the sock and cast off with #6) This will hopefully work out for him.

I'll let you know how the yarn wears and washes. I am sure he will be wearing them quite a bit. Dad...these are NOT golf socks. Please.


Emma said...

Beautiful socks, and looks like a lot of effort went into them. I'm sure he'll adore them!

Anonymous said...

What nice socks for your Dad. He'll love them. Tell him we want wear reports.

Acornbud said...

Wow you must have felt you were knitting forever:) The striping really came out well and I'm sure your dad will be pleased.

Dorothy said...

Those are great "man" socks! He'll wear them on the golf course. With white shorts and a pale blue golf shirt and he'll fit right in. :-D

Anonymous said...

I need white for golf, these look good I will wear black shorts and grey shirt.

LisaB said...

The big socks turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Those are great socks! Can't wait to hear his review.

Anonymous said...

What a lucky dad you have!

Anonymous said...

Nice socks. I have to say if I knew anyone with size 14-15 feet, he'd be getting socks from the department store. *laugh*