Friday, May 19, 2006

What about this fit?

I really had concerns about the fit of this tank. How will it hang? Can you use negative ease with the construction as it is?
Well, here we are...third section started. (I know, I am in my pj's but with thinking about it all night, I decided to get right to it this morning)

I am actually pulling it a little here.
The yarn is online seasons (50% wool, 50% cotton), the pattern calls for Rowan wool cotton. I am knitting the medium which has an oversized 40" measurement on it. My gauge is right on and this is going to be too big.

Crap. I knew it when I started...I should have listened to my inner knitter .

I have a 37" bust (freshly measured) and I was worried about knitting the 36" bust because it may stretch the pattern horizontally...yet the yarn pulls down with the weight of it.
So, I definitely need to rip it. I actually think I will just start another ball fresh, and rip this when needed. (that way I can compare).

Do I knit the 36" bust...will that be enough negative ease?

I did do the second section in the round. I still don't love the jog, but it is better than the seam.

The second section in at the bottom of the photo and the seam is at the top of that section. It's ok. Hopefully I will get better at the jog this next attempt at the tank.

In other news, my nephew got his hat!
Here it the happy recipient....

My little nephew. Isn't he cute! 16 now....6'4"...ready to start driving! Man, do I feel old.


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely try the 36" size. 1" of negative ease (and only in the bust, mind you) is nothing. The hexagons look really cool, the pattern is growing on me!

blissful said...

Tough questions...I wonder if the 36" size will be enough negative ease. After blocking won't the pattern lie more flat, smoother? Sorry, I can't be of more help!

Mrs. H said...

How can you tell it's going to be too big? It doesn't look big to me. I'm looking at how that big hexagon (pentagram, whatever it is!) looks on the front of the model. Yours looks comparable on you. I know there is supposed to be another section in your armpit area so... maybe it's just the picture but it looks good to me!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Oh! All that knitting - I think you would be happier with the 36" size! It is a super pattern and the green will be fabulous with your dark hair!

LisaB said...

I hate sizing issues! I never am quite sure what size to make because I am always worried it will be too small.

But the hexagons are really nice looking so far!

Anonymous said...

What's the size below 36"? I might even try that.

Tracy Batchelder said...

I obviously can't judge size well at all from pictures, because I thought you were going to say it was too small. I know you'll get it the way you want this time.

MsFortuknit said...

that is a fantastic piece! My daughter has hair like your nephew! Very sweet had!