Friday, May 12, 2006

This book I love.

Ok, I finally got my copy of Knitting Nature.

I love it. Seriously. I am bored with the typical knits...the "you could have just bought that at the store instead of knitting it" sweaters. I want to knit something interesting.

For the love of knitting!

I don't know, some of the patterns are way out there. WAY. But oh what fun they would be to knit. Let's face it, I rarely wear the things I knit...for various why not atleast have fun and be interested while knitting it.

There are few patterns in the book with real woman shaping involved. The models are "flat" and skinny. Great for modeling I guess, but what looks good on them, will certainly look not so good on me. So there will be a little adjusting to do...and maybe knitting in smaller sizes (most of the patterns look oversized to me)...hopefully nothing I really need to wrap my brain around.

Here are a few that caught my eye...

Love the cardigan. It is a chunky I don't know. I haven't had luck with chunky knits.
The tank...oh yes. Love it. The pattern calls for Rowan's wool cotton I believe, wool cotton may be really nice. The point of this book was to use up yarn from my stash...but I just don't think that will be happening.
The roundabout leaf tank I love as well. It looks great on her lying down...but how will that look on me?!

I found the KAL that you all have been hiding. I will commit to a pattern before I join!

Oh the new colour...I am just not sure about. I am playing around with the blog's not over.


Laura said...

It's interesting -- the models are all fairly thin and not-curvy, but one thing I immediately noticed is that Gaughan provides "real world" sizes in the patterns. I wear the smaller sizes, so I don't have this problem, but just as a matter of principle, I find it annoying to be reading a pattern in which size "large" has a 36 or 38 inch finished bust. That's just not consistent with the actual size of an actual average woman. I was really impressed that Gaughan provided such a range of sizes. The Leaf Tank, for example, goes up to a 52 inch bust, I think. Maybe this is why a lot of the silhouettes do not include much waist shaping? That might be hard to do for a wide range of sizes.

LisaB said...

Love, love, love Rowan Wool Cotton!

Shoot everybody is talking about need to go buy it!

blissful said...

Ooooo...looks like it is time to visit the book store! I'm in desperate need of inspiration for my knitting slump. Like the new blog layout -- easier to read.