Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Are your floors white?

Both my sister (CK) and my mother told me not to tile the floor white.

"It really shows the dirt"

Ok, lets talk about this for a moment.
Do you not want to see the dirt? Or is it that you don't want a dirty floor. You know that dark tile also gets dirty. I just don't get it...dirt is dirt...I don't want to hide it on a dark floor. Not knowing how dirty your floor is...what creatures are lurking there...do you gauge it on how dirty your socks get?
What about white socks. Why do we wear white socks?
Just think about it.

So...all of you poking fun at my cream fingerless mittens...I ask you...do you hide your dirt?

I know, I know...not very practical. But if they get dirty, I will wash them...just as I would a dark pair.
I won't be changing diapers in them...or washing my dark tiled floor (I didn't tile it white) in them...or wear them while making tomato sauce.

They are for the sole purpose of looking great with my brown coat.

Started: March 1, 2006
Finished: March 5, 2006
Pattern: Pom-Pom Fingerless Mitts from IK spring 2006
Yarn: Truffles. Check your yardage on this yarn. My ball said 20g 60m. oz 70yds 66...the pattern says the yarn has 75m/81yds 25g...I wouldn't have had enough for the pom pom's if I wanted to make them. The yarn is new...so maybe they decided to up the yardage in them.
Adjustments: No pom poms. I also cast off with a needle two sizes down from the one I was using for the glove. It was just too loose at the top cuff with the bigger needle.

Fingerless Mittens. I never thought I would knit a pair. Why would I want mittens without fingers...the fingers are the parts that get cold quickly! Well, Maria and I chatted about this...how many times do we take off our gloves to do up the car seat buckles...dig in our purse...try to hang christmas lights (or take them down because you feel that your husband is never going to do it)...I don't know...I am constantly pulling my gloves off for something. Now, I don't have to!
Also, an added bonus...knitting outdoors in my fingerless mittens!

In other knitting...have I said that fair isle is addicting?

Another Komi Mitten started!


Anonymous said...

For the record, I said nothing about your fingerless mittens being white. I just always assume that there are people in this world, other than me, who don't get everything dirty the second they put it on.

They do look good with the brown coat. But you are so darn cute you would probably look good with oven mitts on.

Anonymous said...

They are very cute. And so useful, too. I wear fingerless mittens and wristwarmers all the time. You really need a pair in every color to go with your wardrobe.

goodkarma said...

Well, you were right, those mitts look grand with your brown coat!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you in your brown coat with your gloves. They compliment it well. I agree with the washing part - I have a white tiled floor and it appears to get dirty quicker than a dark tiled floor.

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful, and they go perfectly with your brown coat, you're right! Enjoy them in all their whiteness :).

Anonymous said...

Yes I will borrow those mittens when we go to the Casino for March break next week!!! I'm coming to your house don't forget!!! That way I can still grip the handle of those quarter machines, but keep the germs off the palms. I know you want to go, more cash for wool yeah!!! Get the guest room ready for us sister!!!

j a r e d said...

the komi addiction has you hooked! did you start with a provisional cast on this time (i saw some of your live stitches on scrap yarn... was just wondering.)

great job on the mitts

Elemmaciltur said...

Yes, and it's absolutely gorgeous. BTW, you got me on to knitting fingerless mittens, too....the reason I have is the same - taking off the gloves all the time.

I don't think we can get Komi here in Germany either (was talking to another Knitblogger about not being able to get Lorna Lace here)...

Anonymous said...

hehe, I like the pom pom mittens without pom poms! Very cute with the brown coat:-)
As to the floor- my kitchen is tiled white and yeah, I love hiding dirt;-) But unless someone comes in with a blacklight, I'm safe LOL

Anonymous said...

April 7th is approaching fast.The vest I wear to pick up the girls is black. I think you know where i am going with this.

Clare said...

Oh they look lovely. Especially with the brown coat. You look very classic and put together.

Knittypants said...

Your mittens look great with your coatI

I am afraid to wear white, because as soon as I put on something light colored, a dirty little child comes over to hug me!

Anonymous said...

My floors aren't white, but I love the white fingerless mittens! I have knit two scarves with Truffles and love the wool! However, the scarf is caramel colours, so need to wash it just yet!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely fingerless mitts. And they look lovely with the brown coat. I'll be tiling my bathroom this weekend...but not white.

LisaB said...

Wow they look absolutely great with your brown coat! Perfect.