Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This shot is just to keep you interested.

Nothing happening but DH's sock.

92 Sheets of drywall carried down a narrow staircase.
Accurately cutting and hanging those sheets.
Scraping up old linoleum floor.
3 different plumbers...all who ripped us off.
Staying up till 1:00 a.m. not to knit, but to finish for the drywall taper...priceless???

Next, prepping and painting the back hall, laying tile at the back door and in the basement bathroom, priming and painting the entire basement. So close to increasing our living space by 1000 square feet...

Ok, really...a knitting question. I must make SCP#2, but what will it be? THIS person will so appreciate a hand knit item...besides the socks she has already received...she will wear it everyday! Handwashing she would dread. If I knit something out of a machine washable yarn, it may accidentaly get thrown in the dryer. So, do I knit a handwash item...and just wash it when I go to visit? Or knit something machine washable? What would you do?


Anonymous said...

I'd go machine washable. It's more convenient to knit something the recipient can take care of, rather than check in on it when visiting. The washable version of Cascade 220 is pretty good!

Ashley said...

Hmm--maybe something that doesn't need to be washed very often, like a shawl or a wrap? If your recipient is the sort of person who would use one, that is.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is always Shine, which is machine washable. Maybe if you have some around you could knit a swatch, measure it, wash it and dry it and see how much it changes.

Although if it were me, I'd go with something handwashable and wash it when I visited. Or something that doesn't need a lot of washing, like a scarf.

Anonymous said...

get something machine washable,there is enough brands of wool out there for it
earth mother

Laura said...

I think it depends on what the item is, and how often you see this person. If you are at her house on a weekly basis, and the item is a sweater -- and you don't mind doing this person's wash! -- then I think you should use a fiber that is beautiful and you love, and tell this person that part of the gift is that you will do the handwashing! How nice would that be! I would totally do this for my sisters, if they didn't live in Minnesota (far) and California (way farther).

BUT...beware if there is someone else in this house that might decide on a whim to be "helpful." (Can you tell that this happened to me?)

Sounds like your basement is going well! Sorry about your plumbers-- I just got ripped off by some roofers, so I know what a drag it can be!