Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bad footlet mojo.

Have you ever knit something that just stomped on your knitting mojo. Really. This footlet is one of those projects for me. It's not hard, don't be afraid of this pattern. It's not the pattern, it's definitely me. I really wanted the whole padded thing, but not now...maybe on another pair.
I think I have ripped it back three times. Not a couple rows...many...many rows. Stupid mistakes. I really don't know what continually went wrong with this sock. I just kept screwing it up. I tried the padded with one strand, not doubled...I don't know why I was trying this...but whatever...rip rip rip. Then I screwed up the pattern...and didn't notice it until two other repeats were done...rip rip rip. Then I was decreasing along, and noticed that I had decrease part of the sole stitches...rip rip rip.
So I finally sat down tonight and finished one.

One footlet.
I wanted a pair by now, and really with knitting time, I should have had two pairs.
I will cast on the other footlet today sometime. I won't let this bad knitting mojo get me down!

I must get some sewing done today. No sewing happened this weekend...the birthday deadline is quickly approaching. We are finishing the basement, so 50 sheets of drywall were carried down and hung. Muscles I forgot I had are aching. I am beat. (Look how tired I am...the sock is not straight in the picture...)

Hopefully I'll have some knitting content to post this week!


Tracy Batchelder said...

One is better than none. The next one is sure to go together without a hitch.

Laura said...

I'm having some bad knitting mojo with a Glampyre camisole that I'm working on. Bobbles...they're wearing me out for some reason. And I've made a mistake somewhere and am going to have to rip too. Don't do what I do, though -- instead of working through the bad mojo, I avoid it by working on something else!

winnie said...

well, the finished sock is very cute. don't let it get to you, the second sock will be a breeze now that you got the first one down pat.

chris said...

I feel your pain. Just when I thought I had a groove going with the footlets, I realized I made a mistake with the padding and had to rip back 2 pattern repeats. Your sock turned out beautiful! I'm sure the second one will fly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 50 sheets of drywall!! That is impressive.

I hope the second sock goes better, cause this one is really cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh the footie turned out super cute..bad mojo and all!

And 50 sheets of drywall is indeed impressive. I feel your pain!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed by your perserverance -- both with knitting and carrying dry wall! Your footlet looks great, I'm sure the second one will go much smoother.