Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SCP #1 making a comeback.

You must think I am crazy to start on my holiday knitting. I have so many immediate family members...nieces and nephews...that I must be crazy to try and knit for them! I just want them to have a little something (or in some cases a big something) hand knit from moi.

So I received my elann order of jo sharp tweed in the DK weight to make SCP (secret Christmas project) #1. I really hope think the colour works. There is a lot of cabling involved, so it is time consuming...but really beautiful. I love this tweed yarn. Remember this is a secret...the recipient could be reading I am trying not to be too revealing in the photos. (pattern is from IK spring...the Elizabeth Zimmerman design pg.52)

I haven't even touched the cora from elann (ok, I did unpackage it and fondle it...) but it is in the house. I hope to at least swatch it this week. I still need to decide between the two children's sweaters.

And I really have been trying to think of some packaging for my holiday knits. I ordered some of these cedar balls, also from elann, to enclose with the special knits.

I will assume that they cannot actually touch the fabric because of the oils...but I will find some lovely breathable boxes for the recipient to store their hand knit in with the cedar balls somehow attached to the inside...without actually touching the garment.


Tara said...

oh my gosh, I looked real quick at that pic and thought they were little peaches! Duh, Tara, drink your coffee before trying to think! Cute idea though!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the color of the dk tweed. It really shows the cables well! The socks are awesome! I can't believe how quickly you finished them..amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant to suggest additional knitting, but what about knitting little matching mini-sachet bags for the cedar balls out of leftover yarn?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of cedar balls to go along with a handknit gift! That's one I might use myself ;). I just have to remember, it only works with wool gifts, not cotton ones :).