Monday, August 22, 2005

A little progress on DH's sock

I finally got a little work done on Dh's sock...this time I started it toe up. It's working out much better this guess work as to if I will have enough yarn or not!

I'm not a big fan of pooling...but what do I do? Are there any tricks to avoid this...I can't get this knit picks yarn to work out striping for me. Is it the fact that I ribbed it? Knitting tighter with less stitches it would probably stripe...but I needed more stitches for his width of foot!

Here is baby Jack with his favourite baby blanket!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute baby!!

Well, it looks like the yarn is striping to me, but I do sort of see what you mean. It's probably based on your stitch count rather than the ribbing. Just my guess.

Anonymous said...

I think those socks look great! As Purly said, looks like striping. Pooling is determined by the circumference of the object you're knitting, so if you need it to be wide enough for DH, then that's what you go for... pooling or not!

Anonymous said...

I do think the socks look great. Probably just not as much striping as you wanted though. I had that happen when I made my daughters leg warmers. I ripped and changed the stitch number. It did help, but not sure that it would always work! Beautiful blanket and baby;)

Tracy Batchelder said...

Baby Jack looks so peaceful snuggled up in his blanket. It would be my favorite too.

Laura said...

Very nice socks. My first thought on seeing the picture was, nice sock yarn for a guy. Is it the Simple Stripes? Because I am knitting with that now (toe-up of course!) and my stripes do look quite different from yours. But I agree with the others, I think they look great.