Thursday, July 14, 2005

Let the Sockpal Knitting Begin!

I finally decided on a pattern for my sock pal. I am a little worried about knitting something crazy, she has no real specifications except for leg length. I decided to go classic...cables in a solid yarn and a "wearable" colour. Because she lives in a warm climate, I decided on the meilenweit cotton in a cream colour. "Broken Cable Rib Socks" is the name of the pattern from IK online...subscribers patterns.

Like many of you, I am really nervous about knitting socks to fit someone else. There will be frequent trying on here...we are close in foot size. So that's it...they are on the needles and looking lovely!

To Maureen in Rhode asked about this is "Hazel" from Jaeger JB 34. It's actually teal. I used Debbie Bliss Cathay yarn. was the Scarfstyle KAL where we "met"...the not-gonna-knit-a-green-backyard-leaves-scarf-knitters!

Leslie...the baby blanket wasn't hard, just time a little boring to knit. To ease the pain of then making the band, I started the band while knitting the body of the blanket and stitched it on as I went. I would then leave the 6 sts you get down to for the triangles on a holder and go back to the blanket body...just switch it up to break up the monotony of the blanket!


Anonymous said...

I love those socks!!! That is a lovely color and a lovely pattern and a lovely yarn. What a lucky sock pal you have.

I'm with you on the being nervous about knitting for someone else's feet!

Anonymous said...

Yay for non-green Backyard Leaves! You know that broken rib sock reminds me a lot of Subway Knitter's Madeiline sweater. I like it! I have some solid pink cotton sock yarn (for me, me, me!) that would work well with it.... hmmm... thanks for pointing it out! And, yes, I subscribe, so I have access to it :).

Tracy Batchelder said...

Nice pattern and pretty yarn. I think your pal will like them.

Tara said...

I love the pattern your picked for your pal! She'll be stoked! :)

Dropstitchknitter said...

Those socks are sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Well your pal would have to be absolutely crazy to not be in LOVE with those socks! They look fantastic! Personally, I would be happy with almost anything someone knitted for me sock wise!