Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where is blogger?

I have been toying with the thought of switching to typepad...hmmmm. My blog is here for editing but does not exist in the blog world tonight. I am not the only one...some other bloggers sites I read are not out there either! Not liking this at all.

It's swatching night!
Up and coming projects...."Harry" for my little Matteo. Done in a beautiful light blue cotton acrylic...yes I said acrylic...blend. I bought this yarn on my last trip to Toronto...a yarn sale. My first time with such a blend, but I must say...I really like it! I am using it instead of Rowan all season cotton.

Still awaiting my elann order...but I found some peruvian wool in my stash so I decided to swatch it. A few of you have been asking my colour choices for ribby cardi...it's not this blue that I swatched, I am hoping that grey and wisteria will look nice...I hope. If not, I have this blue and some brown in the stash.

And I am also swatching for a little something over at grumerina's site! Here is some left over orchid coloured Knit Picks shine...

I finally got some back issues of IK...loving it. I feel inspired...I am back in the game...

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Tara said...

That sweater is adorable for your son! And I like the colors you picked for the Ribby. I'm so bad at picking colors that look good together, which is why my things are always just one color!