Sunday, May 01, 2005

A trip to the bookstore

AAAHAHHHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHHHAAAAA! This book is halarious! The store had 4 copies left on file, but none to be found. My sis had to send a search party out to find it. Finally, I got my hands on a copy. I followed her around the bookstore, reading aloud and laughing my head off. Thank god she is a knitter as well, or she probably would have ditched me between the aisles!
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I read it to my sis and Renee all the way home (even with the nausia approaching...I cannot read in the car...but I can knit in the car!). Once home, my husband had to listen to it too. He especially loved the thoughts The Yarn Harlot had about her husband and knitting! She is a riot!


goodkarma said...

Why don't I have a copy yet?? Well, that's what I'm asking myself, anyway. :) I'll get one this week for sure. We could all use a few laughs, right?

Anonymous said...

I love the blue sweater you are working (in the background of Stephanie's book) - can you please tell me the source? I am amazed at how much knitting you accomplish with little ones running around your house! Love reading about your knitting - thanks for sharing!
Happy knitting!
Maureen from the Ocean State (Rhode Island)