Sunday, May 15, 2005

Soleil was finished...then she was taken from me!

Here she is...with the help of my MIL's crocheting

Started: April 30th, 2005
Finished: May 6th, 2005...waited for crocheting untilMay 14th!
Yarn: 5 1/2 balls of Knit Picks "Shine" in "Orchid". Very nice to knit with, machine washable. I definitely will be using this yarn again!
Pattern Revisions: I lengthened the body...added more shaping. I should have started the neck line is very low cut! Shoulder seams were grafted, which seemed to suit the pattern! Crocheting attempts sucked, so my MIL came to the rescue.

Here is Hazel, completed, being modeled by the MIL.

Started: April 10th, 2005
Finished: May 12th, 2005...including ripping out. the shoulders and lengthening
Yarn: 7 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in Teal. Yarn is very nice but is is loosely plied (I know there is a technical term for this...) If you snag it, too bad!
Pattern Revisions: I made the neck more of a rounded neck than boat. I could have made the size smaller, but it still looks good, and the colour is perfect for her.

Then the know she liked this one too!

She has now met her quota for receiving handknits from her lovely DIL! Atleast for this year!


goodkarma said...

So... you don't get to keep the Soleil? I want to see it on you. Thanks for the notes on what you changed/would change. I just bought some cotton that I think I'll use for a Soleil of my own. Yours turned out so pretty. I keep saying how much I love the color you chose. :)

Anonymous said...

Both of them turned out so well. Thanks for the reviews on the yarn as well... I will have to try this KnitPicks Shine :)

Take care, Carolyn!


Anonymous said...

You are a woman of action! Look at you, all done with two projects! Both look absolutely great, and you cranked them out in no time at all :). Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Your MIL is a good sport, and pretty sneaky :-).

winnie said...

Wowowow.. great knits! and thanks for the review on Knitpicks shine. I have decided to buy their yarn for a project and had it not been for you, I probably wouldn't have thought of their yarn. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Truthfully I don't like the blue one as much anyway. The brighter one looks better on her. Now you have brownie points till well.... June at least. What a good DIL you are, now what about your big sister turning 40 this month. There is lots of time the way you have been knitting. Her favourite colour is red and her size well hmmm... 1X or 18 unfortunatly. When are you coming to TO, I will get City TV tickets and we can go see Brian. You can wear your knitting... bring one for me to wear too.

Tara said...

Oh, you're too saintly for allowing her to snatch your Soleil! (hmm, that kinda sounds pervy) Both projects turned out beautifully!