Wednesday, May 11, 2005

SHHHHHHH...they are finally sleeping

Oh, I have a minute to myself....the boys are sick and I am a little irritable from sleep deprivation. I can't wait till my DH comes home!
I just had to start a major project, I couldn't take it anymore! The ten balls of Rowan Calmer have been calling out to me, so I started "Loll".

Can I just say that I love Rowan Calmer. I used it once before for a hat....but this do I love this yarn. The feel, the drape, the weight, the fibers...oh yeah baby. No wonder it comes at such a high price.
The cardigan has the most interesting edge...that takes forever to knit...but look at this

Isn't it just beautiful! I am going to love this cardigan!


grumperina said...

That's just beautiful! Thank you for taking those close-up pics and sharing them with us. I love interesting textures!

goodkarma said...

Oooooh. If I were to wear that, I know I would be touching my bobbles all the time. It would be a whole sensory experience just getting dressed in the morning. :)

Tara said...

So cool! From the picture you posted previously, I just thought the edge was in seed stitch or something. Those bobble-y things are sweet!