Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Harry Back

So one day I have nothing to knit...besides the never ending baby blanket...and the next I'm up to my neck in projects! I started "Harry". The back is moving along quite quickly...I really am liking this yarn.

It's such a nice blue, and the yarn is so soft, not buttery, but marshmellowy soft!
Now my elann order comes...

A lovely lavender for "Orangina", which may sit for a while...or I may get the itch before I clear off some other needles!

The "Ribby Cardi" colour selection...the wisteria looks more like grape, but I still like it. I think they will work. I am noticing on the pattern that the contrast colour I need 4 + 1 ball...I didn't see the plus one...maybe it is not listed on elann's site...or I am just blind. So I only have 4 balls. Guess I'll have to place another order with elann!


goodkarma said...

You might not have to order more yarn... I'll double check when I get home tonight, but I think I only used 4 balls or less for my sleeves. And I think we wear about the same size. I'll email you when I get home. :)

I like the colors you're using... Purple -- in many incarnations -- is one of my favorites right now.

Anonymous said...

All that yarn you can knit mop ends and cleaning rags maybe something soft and petty to clean windows with?