Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Here she is...Hourglass

Ok first adult size sweater....
Image hosted by
Now this is a learning sweater.
  • I love the yarn, Gedifra "korfu" in cream, but I would choose a lighter yarn for this sweater next time.
  • I love working a sweater in the round, it made things move along quickly.
  • I did frog it when I was half way in the smaller size...this size is too big though. Next time I have to really look at the schematic and adjust it to fit.
  • I would make it a little shorter in the body and arm length.
  • The colour is not my favourite, but will look better with a tan now that the sun is finally here!

All in all, I do like it, I will wear it because I MADE IT!


goodkarma said...

I've seen other people have trouble with this sizing, too, and needed to make up an inbetween size.

In my opinion, though, this size looks fantastic on you! It's a very flattering shape. Either that or you are especially photogenic! :) Seriously, it look great.

grumperina said...

Oh my goodness, that talk up there is not allowed! No negativity, because it looks absolutely fabulous! You did such a great job, congratulations!

The MacKay Way said...

Wonderful first Adult Sweater!
When looking at the patterns...always look at the actual diagram measurements as the "size medium fits x"-XX" " don't take into account how you want it to fit.

I Agree with Good lok lovely -- it doesn't look to big!