Sunday, April 10, 2005

Feeling Lucky

Last night was all about lucky. I finished the back, after deciding that I would decrease the increased arm the same as the medium size, but it will be larger around the neck area, unless I figure something out. So on to the other pieces. It actually moves quite quickly once you get the pattern down.
Image hosted by
I also started the back of "Hazel" to see how I like the DB Cathay in that pattern, instead of aqua. It is very nice, and I will be ripping out "Ray" and doing "Hazel" for my MIL.


sturdygirl said...

Hi there! Your Lucky is looking lovely. I hope your solution to the armhole issue will work out well. I hope you will keep posting on the KAL blog despite that one person's incredibly rude behavior. Look forward to seeing your progress! Cheers, Dana

cmeknit said...

I know...isn't that crazy! She/he obviously has issues!