Monday, May 09, 2011

There is really no excuse.

He wakes up at 6 am this baby. I should be up and at'em...but I am just not a morning person. I bring him to bed and try and close my eyes, hoping he'll catch my drift and fall luck. This morning my headband was interesting enough to by me a few more minutes.
So there is no excuse, I could have so much done before I drop the kids to school...including blogging! Fifteen minutes and counting...

My mothers day did not involve breakfast in bed followed by a day of pampering...I'll be waiting for that when the boys get older. (I won't hold my breath)
I did get the baby taken away at his crazy 6am awake hour for a few more precious hours of sleep. And my coffee was made for me...not too bad:)

The boys spent a little time together in a livingroom fort...

boys 017

Then the rest of the day was spent outdoors.

I decided since it was mothers day I was going to put the boys to work.
Pulling weeds, mixing composte, filling pots and prepping the gardens. Without help, this would have taken all I am glad it is done.
I'm potting alot of my veggies this year, incase we move...yes, that is in the near future plans.

Roman enjoyed the day outside as well...

boys 027

Not really sure what he was suppose to do!

boys 050

Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day!

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-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Adorable baby, mom. Meet me in Heaven. God bless you.