Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Knit a touque and embrace it!

So the storm of the century arrived...a little disappointing. I love the panic leading up to it. People are crazy.
I love snow. I play in it and I can drive in it....unlike many others.
My own family is guilty of this panic. I won't mention any names, but someone sent me an email with a hourly play by play link to the storm about to hit Toronto. Another asked it I was watching the radar...seriously, you know who you are...who watches the radar?!? PANIC! Immediately I though of Rick Mercers rant...careful when you click on this link, it is hilarious.

Funny thing, the sister who watches the radar and who was disappointed in the actual snowfall thought of the same thing today and sent me the link! We both love Rick Mercers humour...this rant is a classic.
A foot of snow is not a lot...well that's what I thought until I had to shovel it. Of course the driveway had some higher drifts...and while I was shovelling the plow guy came by.
So typical, I know.
He actually waved and laughed when he drove by. Funny. Not.

Another not so funny thing....

knitting 2011 005

That's a dropped stitch. The problem is I didn't discover it until I actually blocked it out. Too late to rip back or drop a stitch down to fix it. I was in disbelief...but it's been a week and it's time to fix it. At first I didn't understand, because the pattern worked out.
I dropped it a foot into the scarf.
I must have dropped one of the k2tog stitches. So I will attempt to pick it up and just hand stitch it in. A little disappointing, but that's all I can do! It will still be beautiful when complete:)

That's all the excitement-or not- here. Roman is getting bigger...and heavier.

knitting 2011 017

Sitting up like a big boy!


Catherine said...

It is devastating when a dropped stitch becomes apparent after you have finished, as you say, nothing to do but some shuffling with a needle - mind you I don't think I would be able to see a dropped stitch in that open work pattern. It would be nice to see the scarf when it is all done.

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!

Sandra said...

funny - we must have the same plow driver - mine laguhed and waved at me as he dumped 2 feet of crap at the base of my newly clean driveway.

Kara said...

Oh man! That drop stitch is a little heartbreaking. But Roman could cure any heartbreak with a face like that!