Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guilty as charged!

Exhibit A


The mother who has not slept for more than 3 hours at a time for the past 6 months.

Notice the wrinkles in the brow and the eyes.
She has no energy to put on any make up to hide the bags under her eyes.
Yes, she has clean hair...today...but is still in her pj's. Well, she slept in her jogging pants. (yes, a puffy coat hides all when you are dropping your older children to school...not sure how that will work out come spring.)

Exhibit B


The choochie loving baby who keeps her up at night.

Do not be fooled by the cuteness...he can be a little devil.
He clearly has no understanding of the concept of weaning or sleeping through the night.
He will wake the neighbours to eat every few hours.

The baby would like to enter in exhibit C....


The sweater that has taken the constant attention off of him.
Do note that the mother was up finishing it off until 11:30 last night, instead of going to sleep when the baby did.
This sweater could be the cause of the wrinkles and bags...
And on top of all of this she is unsure of the length and will probably add more to it, which would require ripping back all of the bands to do so.
This mother is clearly indecisive.

Oh wait...the mother would like to enter exhibit D!!!

be mine

The valentines that she completed, keeping her up late in the evening the night before.
She would like to draw your attention to the crinkled up one on the right. The 8 year old who didn't like getting in trouble. He crinkled up the valentine and left it for her on her bedside table!
Added stress!

Ahhh, the rewards of motherhood.


gudrun said...

i can't see these wrinkles you are talking about - i don't think you look bad! but i know what happens to you. my son is a little bit older than yours - he is almost 17 month and now he sleeps most nights - but with 6 month i was also a real "devil" - waked up so often and didn't sleep for one hour or two - it was a drama and he didn't like his milk - and no snoothy - horror and pain.
but time goes on and i know he will sleep well.
greetings - gudrun

Natalie B said...

those valentines are the best! great job!

TracyKM said...

I totally can not see any wrinkles or bags!
Why should he understand weaning? LOL. Do you co sleep? That really helped me with my third, just roll over, lift the shirt, no screaming needed, LOL. But now she's 5 and the middle of the night visits are hopefully behind us (by only a few days, LOL).
The sweater looks lovely!

Lise said...

shopping trip is definitely in order :)

Johanne said...

You still look great. I hope I can say the same in 6 months time!!

katharina said...

definitely worth it
and it´s going over - i know what i´m
talking about
my eldest son seemed to need no sleep
at all during his first month´s
now it´s like he has to catch up on
all that sleep and stays in bed for

Sarah Brown Design Yarn said...

But you have gorgeous eyebrows! I have a 6 week old and I am lucky if I get a bra on before I drop my older children off at school. Thankfully a winter coat and not getting out of the van helps that problem.

Sarah said...

But you have gorgeous eyebrows! I have a 6 week old and I am lucky if I get a bra on before I drop my older children off at school. Thankfully a winter coat and not getting out of the van helps that problem.

Dolores said...

There are no wrinkles! There are no bags! And what wonderful boys!


goodkarma said...

Yeah, I would say that I empathize with you and your sleep-deprivation wrinkles, but I don't see any wrinkles! <3

The kids are adorable as always, and I love the valentines! What a cool idea.

I'll be watching your project notes for your sweater, though, because that one is on my list... for someday...

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