Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The needles are full lately. They aren't always being used, but I seem to be filling them up!

In this last month of pregnancy I've thankfully been getting small bursts of energy. Sadly this energy and concentration has not been used for knitting or spinning...more like rearranging the furniture, "stylizing" bookcases (like that needs to be done before the baby is born), reorganzing clothing/yarn/cupboards, cleaning, super cleaning, super duper cleaning (totally unnecessary)and weeding the garden. I think the only thing I haven't done is the garage...and I have no intention of doing it...well, not today.

I have managed to knit a little inbetween all of this (as well as when I'm playing words with friends, which is highly addictive).

This morning's evidence.

baby hats

Newborn hats.
I suddenly remembered the sad tube of material tied with curling ribbon used on my boys at birth. Understandably, the hospitals don't have nicely handknit hats to give all the babies...but I should! I have been playing with some oddments of yarn to come up with the perfect one. There are some cute patterns out there. I made a couple of these, but obviously not in pumpkin colours. I've also come up with my own little birth beanie simple design. I'll post the pattern soon for those who want it. This one is currently on the needles. It needed either a handspun yarn...or something more rustic looking. I am using up some classic elite Moorland from my Redhook Sweater. I'll post pictures of the baby wearing them as soon as he pops out!

Dad's Birthday socks are finally on the needles.

dad's sock

I needed a small travelling project and it was time for socks! I am a little behind on these, as I am every year, with his birthday being last month. I thought that this was ok, being summer and all. Who wears wool socks in the summer...well, he does. At our last beach outing he had them on...with runners...and pants...oh dad.
Anyway, ribbed socks are the best choice for dad. They stay up without being too tight on his legs. He also has voiced a love for handknit socks because they don't scrunch up his toes like store bought ones do...he having size 14 feet.
So, I just started some toe up, with ribbing and a little cable up the sides for interest. So far, so good.

I've also got some lace on the needles. I just had to cast on for The Brandywine Shawl after seeing Sue's at a Friday night knit and chat.

brandywine shawl

I'm using some alpaca that I picked up last year at Rhinebeck. It is working up just beautifully.

I just need some project monogamy so that I can finish something up!


Barbara Prime said...

the hospital where my son was born had hand-knit hats for all the babies. They were pastel acrylic, but still, it was such a nice touch! Especially when my son showed up 5 weeks early, and I hadn't knit anything!

LadyEEKnits said...

Moving furniture, sounds like nesting....I'm afraid that I also need to find some "knitting" monogamy.

Sue said...

Knitting monagamy is overrated!

Your Brandywine is looking lovely.

A Bunch of Knits said...

The brandywine is looking wonderful! That is a lovely knit that Rosemary designed! It is one I will definitely knit again at some point.

Emma in France said...

I'm also addicted to Words with Friends (my username is Lloer). I like the way you get just a little intellectual stimulation at a time.