Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It seems Christmas has come and gone...without a single word from the blog. Well, this should come as no surprise by now, I have been some what of a
blog-post-slacker. (BPS)
I wish I could say that this upcoming year I will try to improve this, but let's be's not gonna happen. I try and try, but with knitting, spinning, teaching, the kids, a little work, the is way down on the priority list. Apologies.
There has been quite a bit of knitting lately and I will try to cover it over the next few posts...
First up is a little dabbling in Double Knitting. I love that double knitting is reversible...perfect for a scarf. For some reason I refer to this technique as an "old lady" one. Not sure why...I picture little old ladies sitting around double knitting hats...a little crazy, but that is just what I picture:)
Brought to my attention by one of the knitting friends, I decided to cast on for the Double Knit Rainbow Scarf.

rainbow scarf

Now, if you are new to the technique, you may want to start with another project (like one in the of those old lady hats) before you tackle this. Trust me on this.
With noro in mind I origionally cast on with Kureyon. Nope. Not working. I played with the chart and cast on again. No. (notice I was listening to the inner knitter people...listening!!) The next attempt was with Noro DK lite...this went on for a while. There was a lot of ripping and some chart revising...but I finally made it work. Be sure to choose two different colourways or start the second ball a couple colours apart from the first. You don't want two stands of the same colour to ever me on this one to.

rainbow II

Started: October 24, 2009
Finished: November 8, 2009
Pattern: Double Knit Rainbow Scarf by Eline Sanders. Here on Ravelry.
Yarn: Noro DK lite balls. (can be done with 5 if you are willing to rip noro apart...that's another story...Noro and I don't always get along.)It is 7" wide and 84" long
Adjustments:My gauge is 15 sts and 20 rows in double knit on US#8/5.0mm needles. I rewrote the chart and knit it as written. I knit seven repeats of the chart. For your knitting pleasure...

rainbow scarf dk

The scarf currently resides as Shall We Knit...and the double knit classes are filling up. If you haven't learned this technique yet, it will blow your me on this me:)
I'll work on the BPS...I'll try.


grumperina said...

Wow, that's a really gorgeous scarf!

Lyz said...

a work of art for sure :) I know how many swear words went into it... I heard them all the way across town! LOL.

Mrs. H said...

Amazing scarf! Great job as usual. Your knitting is so beautiful that I will take whatever infrequent glimpses of it that I can get. It's worth the wait. Trust me on this. ;-)

Susan Luni said...

One of my Christmas gifts was a book on double knitting. I've looked through it and found it double-daunting. Knitting and purling each stitch with two different colors sounds like doubling the difficulty. Youth and agility seems an advantage here--let's throw your stereotype out.
But don't throw out that scarf. It's amazing!

Trisha said...

That scarf is incredible and so are you! I love your blog. You always blow my mind with your knitting.

malaraky said...

beautiful scarf! you make it look so easy... I think this is a technique I will be picking up in 2010. happy new year!

onescrappychick said...

Wow.. that is amazing!

Cotton Yarn said...

fantastic colors and beautiful looks here. thanks for sharing this with us...

emy said...

Absolutely stunning~!