Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yes, I colour too.

Ok, so how do I have the time to knit so much? Many have asked, and all I say is I knit all the time...any spare moment.
Here is a typical day.
I wake up at 8 am. Well, no. I get woken up around 7 am...there is bouncing on my bed and occasional questions and snuggling...until I drag myself out of bed at 8. (because I was up so late knitting!)
Breakfast is made...usually cereal...but sometimes I will make them eggs. I make myself coffee and oatmeal or eggs. There is lots of rushing doesn't matter how early we get up...we are always rushing. Out the door by 8:45 and drop off whomever has school that day. Get home to finish my coffee and pick up my knitting.
The morning is always started with atleast an hour of knitting. Then I look around and access the situtation.
Matteo is home today so he wanted me to draw some characters on paper for him...but I convinced him to get out the big colouring book. So we colour...

naturally jacket and hat

Yes, I have to put the knitting down to colour. (I won't tell you who he coloured and who I coloured!)
We colour for atleast an hour. He allows me breaks to drink my coffee and stops to act out the scene we are colouring.

matteo colouring

I now decide I should shower...I clean up the upstairs and clean up myself...out the door we go to pick up Lucca for lunch.
Make and out the door to drop Lucca back at school.
Now when we got home...daddy was here! He was done early today. We go outside and look at the buds in the garden and then I change the laundry. I neatened the main floor (things are under constructions hence the sheet draped over the chair) and did a little dust busting.
Next up is a few rounds of junior monopoly...yes there was some crying and running out of the room (I am not saying by whom). I knit while we played...never holding up the game.
Change the laundry again...lots of towels to fold.
Now I am sitting to blog for a few moments.
I will knit and watch a little tv for the next hour until I need to pick up Lucca...I should walk so that will take up some time.
Then there is homework and snacks...a little knitting...make dinner...a little knitting inbetween...and clean up.
I did promise Lucca a round of "big people" monopoly tonight...and I will do a little knitting with that.
They will be off to bed around 8 and that is when the magic begins. There is serious ravlery surfing and blog reading and LOTS of knitting. I usually quit around 11 or 12.
So when all is said and done...I am sure I could fit in 6-8 hours of knitting a day.
We won't talk about those lazy days...knit and chat days...days no one is home with me...there is way more knitting on those days!


Joansie said...

Every spare minute counts when it comes to knitting. My friends make fun of me because I knit at red lights.

Allison said...

You are so lucky! (But I know you know that!) Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Anonymous said...

i totally understand.

i can't relax.
i get BORED.
i need to keep busy at all times, sometimes doing 2 or 3 things at the same time.
it is the way i am able to organize my life.

women are typically good at multitasking.
some multimultitasking!
just the way some people are wired!


Monet said...

I've also noticed that catching the in-between moments really speeds up one's knitting...I am mocked for knitting at the gym and while walking the streets of Boston. So be it.

Even so, you ARE an amazingly fast knitter! I admire you.

Thea said...

I'm with you -- first kid out the door at 8 and second at 9. The hour in between is coffee and newspaper, while knitting. And that 8pm line - my schedule's the same and my husband is bitter. He wants to go up at 10 (and he'd like some company...) sad commentary on my priorities!!

Philosophical Karen said...

Oh, such a sweet post, about your day. And the colouring. And the Monopoly. You are such a good mom.

farkas said...

Hmm, I don't know...are you sure that you've been colouring? I don't see any green...

Vicky said...

I must admit you're far more productive that I realized. Mommy first, knitting second and husband third! You are amazing!You have to admit you are a fast knitter.

KeanaLee said...

That's a lot of spare minutes, but you are well organized, now if it would just rub off on me!