Thursday, October 12, 2006

The promised.

Check out the heel...

The pattern continues down the heel, without the cables and then there is that cool looking short row heel turn. Brilliant.
Oh, the pattern is Rib and Cable socks from Interweave Knits Fall 2005.

Now...a reader question...

Hi there -

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a really big fan of your blog, and love seeing your FO's. As I've watched your progress over quite a number of things over the months, I've often wondered how you manage to balance your time as a mother, crafter and homemaker with all the many tasks that each involves.

As someone who struggles with time management, I'm always eager to learn from the success of others, and I'm wondering if you have any good tips to share regarding this area. In other words, how do you do it all? (Or even, what have you decided ISN'T important to your success?)

Thanks so much,

Ok Alison, here it is.
First. I don't work outside of the home. Well, not now anyway...but I may be back at it sooner than I thought. So imagine all the time you could find if you were at home.
Now, don't get me wrong...I am not sitting down all day knitting and feeding the children through a hole in their bedroom door.
We get up at around, breakfast, pack back the bus stop. In the olden fatty days, I would now have the second cup of coffee and knit a and hour. No more. Off to the gym. (well, not lately...I've been house organizing and painting...)
Home to shower and make lunch. Pick up at the bus stop and now I may knit while they eat lunch.
Errands...crafty with the kiddies...whatever needs to be done is done now. I keep the house organized, fairly neat and clean. Pick up as I go.

If I have a chance, I will knit an hour at this point. Laundry day is great...cause I knit between folding loads.
Some days there is no time to knit. Like the days I am continually painting the bathroom...we won't get into that.
Make dinner...and maybe knit a couple rows here and there if the project is really intense...while I make dinner.
Serve dinner and GAME ON.
I am off duty...well not really. Grab a spot on couch around kiddies and hubby and knit. Get them in PJ's and ready for bed. (Yes including hubby...he doesn't stay up that late!)
Now the serious knitting. I don't go real social life here...I knit straight from 8 till midnight.
I knit fairly quick and I knit Enlgish style....unless there is fair isle happening then there is some continental action.

Thats it. No tricks.


Anonymous said...

I made that those Rib and Cable socks too - and loved the heel. I've never, before or after, seen a heel done like that - not even in her other patterns (at least the ones I've knit) and it fit my heel perfectly...Your socks are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

No tricks! Ha! How about the ability to stay awake until midnight! I'd be a zombie.

Lori said...

Yup, sounds like my day too - except my kiddos eat lunch at school, so I can find free time from 7:45am until 3:00!
Love that heel - I'll have to make those soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alison,

All lies! Carolyn is magic, that's how she does it. Don't listen to all the other "multi-tasking" nonsense. One look at her FOs, and you know she's not a regular run-of-the-mill knitter.


AuntieAnn said...

Love that sock -- sigh, another back issue of IK to special-order (late to the sock-knitting game, I am). I hope the cables on the sole are not uncomfortable -- I've never seen a sock with cables on the sole.

Laura B said...

Oh no! You are on top of your housework, take care of your kiddos, AND you knit! Thank goodness my husband doesn't read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for responding to my question. I too am glad that my husband didn't read the part about keeping the house clean, organized and picked up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Now granted, I host a ton of guests constantly (like every weekend, I have 10-20 people trekking through the house for 2-3 different Sabbath meals), but STILL. I dream of keeping up with the hurricane that is my family! :)

Keep up the fantastic work! (And Grump, don't laugh too hard. I've seen those photos of your sparkling bathroom, you overachiever, you!)

Anonymous said...

yes but! you have just two kids..that is nothing!!!

Anonymous said...

That was nice of you to share your day and some tips. I think you mentioned that you knit in the evenings and I have been trying to force myself to SIT DOWN too, it's a nice treat- and I deserve a break at the end of the day : ) I have 2 little elves at home to chase after (they keep me busy) but no home improvements underway. You do wonderful knitting, it is magic! I love your blog.

Sheri said...

That was a great read! Thanks for sharing your day with all of us, it was fun reading. My day is similar, but, no kids to run after anymore. The Baby Girl went off to college in August of this year, so, it's just me and the pug, the dachshund and hubby when he gets home.
Sheri in GA

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had that kind of a schedule. It seems so hard with a 2 year old to be able to have any kind of regularity:b I really just need to get off my arse and do it! Thanks for giving me motivation.

Amy said...

That's nice to read Carolyn. My day sounds quite a bit like yours (we have four children and go out rarely) with the exception of the bus stop. I just have to pick up my speed a bit, although the thought of purling continental makes me a wee bit ill as I'm such a thrower. Time to charge on, I suppose!