Sunday, March 12, 2006

Boring Forecast Progress.

Here is a progress shot for you....I know...boring.

I love that you knit it in one get to try it on as you go...but man does it take a long time to see any progress.
I have finished the upper pattern and have started the lower half. I ran out of yarn...well sort of.
You may remember that I bought this yarn for the Elizabeth Zimmerman vest I made for dad...well it is aran not the dk weight that was needed for the vest. So I decided to knit this...

I won't wear a turtleneck sweater. And it was boring to knit.

I have figured out that I seriously overheat in wool. I need to knit cardigans for myself so that I can take it off when I feel I may burst into flames.
So, I ripped it apart today and now can continue with Forecast.


Mrs. H said...

Second try. Comments are wonky today.

No, this post is NOT boring! I thought that design was "butt-ugly" when I first saw it but yours may grow on me. Whether anyone likes the design or not, that's not some garter stitch scarf you've got there. That's some tricky knitting. That's ALWAYS interesting.

LisaB said...

I'm definatley liking the look of yours so far. Great color choice!