Friday, January 13, 2006

Itchin' to knit.

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments of the two complete projects of 2006 thus far. I can see what projects get you going enough to comment...all of you silent readers! I love it!
So what is next on the knitting front. What has started the twitch, the endless search for yarn, the blatant forgetfulness of incomplete sweaters (ok, ok, I cast on the sleeves last night)...the "I must knit this"!?

I have googled for knitters working on the current IK projects. Not many out there. Why? Am I the only one loving this issue. At first I flipped through with nothing. Not a twitch. Then I looked closer. I had the yarn for the Ballet I knit it. Success there.

What about the Gull Stitch Cardigan? No one? Not a taker? It's a versatile. It is another chunky knit...quick knits people. The design is so different...does up on the side with a hidden zipper. Interesting stitch pattern. No one? WELL, I am searching for yarn. I love it.

The Belted Wrap. Come on. It's gorgeous. Love it. It is the 21 balls of Zara that scares you...the lace pattern? I know, it will break the bank. I am searching for zara on sale or a sub. I will knit may not be complete until next winter, but I love it that much.

The Embossed Leaves Socks are a given. Although I find that koigu is fabulous. I love my socks knit in koigu...but I would have to take out a second mortgage to keep making them in that yarn. I have a lovely black merino/cotton blend I am thinking of using from the stash.

I really like Knitty's Shedir hat. It would make a fabulous gift for someone and I do have some Rowan Calmer in the stash.

Tev Durhams Lace Leaf Pullover is gaining my interest.

Another quick knit. Interesting design with some grafting. What about the yarn? Any thoughts. I could make this for myself but my SIL would look fab in it...may Christmas knitting will start sooner than later!

Let's not forget about Debbie Bliss. I love her. She has some beautiful designs in her new Simply Soft book. Many chunky knits...there seems to be a trend here. This Asymmetric Sweater is gorgeous. My mom would look great in it...another potential Christmas knit. has some DB Chunky Merino on sale.
She also has this really cool looking Boa Scarf. Very tempting.

I picked up a copy of WrapStyle. I do love the lace shawl and poncho in it. I know poncho's are so "out" but I think it could pass.

Other than all of that...I need a pair of Jaywalkers for myself...and I have swatched for this simple cardigan. The only fear of it is boredom. That's a lot of ribbing.

So what are you itchin' to knit?


~Jody said...

FYI - I'm doing the embossed leave socks! They are a quick easy knit! Love them! I'm also eyeing the belted cardigan and I'm keeping an eye out for the yarn. So your not the only one loving this issue!

Anonymous said...

Nice project ideas! I've also been thinking about the Lace Leaf pullover, but it seems tricky to change gauge. This must be the time of year to start new projects; everything is tempting.

MissLucy said...

I agree - there were a lot of nice patterns in IK. I want to make the belted wrap too, but must finish a zillion other projects first..

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are already thinking about next Christmas. You crack me up.

But yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with this issue of Interweave Knits. Maybe I should look through it again. Not that I need anymore projects I want to knit.

Anonymous said...

I need to knit more. My to-be-knit-list keeps growing and growing (yes, the Gull Stitch cardi is on it). Kind of like my Netflix queue. It would help if I actually finished something or watched a movie.

Laura said...

Yep, I've already copied the Embossed Leaves Socks from the magazine. They're in my queue, too.

There's a Rowan's summer tweed cardigan in Vogue's winter 2005 issue to be done as well.

Love the wrap you just finished, the color pooling in the back is wonderful!

Laura said...

I liked the Embossed Leaves socks from IK, and also the Fair Isle 101 Pullover and the Swing Jacket. But lately, I'm in an accessories (especially socks) mood. I have at least two pairs of Jaywalkers in mind, plus Embossed Leaves, Anna's Elfine socks, and I need more cables. Last year, I totally fell for cables. :)

Tracy Batchelder said...

Sounds like everyone likes the socks. I'm working on a pair now. There are plenty of great designs in this issue. You didn't even mention my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me your big sister... in truth I think the web gang are really too nice to you. Are they really honest or worried about hurting your feelings and you not posting for a week? I think your knitting is awsume and I hope Martha has been checking in, I have sent her the site you know. I really don't like the ballet sweater sorry, it is way to busy. Would they wear it? I'm not so sure. It's not ballet sister its a TAP DANCING JAMBOREEEEE! Tooo busy... unwrap that baby and make some leg warmers or some of those washing rags mom knits, now those are great.

On a more positive note. I've been seeing quite a few of the knited skirts around the shops today. Not too busy of a yarn mind you, be careful. Knitted skirt some with a matching color lining/slip. I would like you to do that. How is Toms full body suit knit coming along. I'm sure the gang is waiting to see that modeled!!

Your honest loving sister

Tara said...

Yay! The Lace Leaf Pullover! I can't wait to get started on mine. The yarn I bought for it on elann is really nice and fairly cheap. Don't know how it knits up yet, but it's really soft.

Anonymous said...

The belted wrap. You're right, it's gorgeous!

Pepe Cadena said...

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