Thursday, April 07, 2005

Knitty is here!

Ok, the new knitty is do I feel about it? Well, there are certainly some interesting patterns, to say the least. However there is atleast one that I will make time for
Image hosted by is cute and if not for myself, I know my MIL would like it. There are some nice bags and some flowers that interest me...we'll see. I am curious to know who will be making that skirt....hmmmmmmmm.

The most exciting thing today is seeing my blog on someones list of blogs they read! I am a new blogger, and still learning....but thank you KNITNANA! It's nice to know someone finds my blog somewhat interesting!

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goodkarma said...

How funny... I like Soleil, too, and thought that MY MIL would also like one! Weird. Anyway, if only I didn't have 50 million other projects lined up, I'd cast on today. Talk about "so much yarn, so little time..."

Have a great weekend!